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What Does Arachnotaxis Mean?

Arachnotaxis is a term for tables or arrays of URLs that point to locations on the Internet. For example, a set of bookmarks in a Web browser could be considered an arachnotaxis, although it might also be called a taxonomy, or simply, a list.


Techopedia Explains Arachnotaxis

History attributes the coining of the word “arachnotaxis” to IT expert Steve Gruenwald in 1998. Made from the word “Archne,” a figure in Greek mythology, and the word “taxis” which describes the orderly arrangement of items or terms, arachnotaxis could also be called a “spider’s web” display of Internet location information. It generally refers to any list or structure that points to an array of Internet sites, URLs or locations – with that in mind, new systems based on tools like JSON could also be called arachnotaxis tools. JSON creators talk specifically about the process of linking up bits of information through Internet taxonomies and structures.


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