What Does Blogswarm Mean?

A blogswarm is a situation in which a group of bloggers focuses on the same types of topics at the same time, or produces other collaborative activity. Blogswarms can be intentional coordinations, or they can happen largely by accident. Many blogswarms indicate a common interest in some current event or topic that is trending at a given time.


Techopedia Explains Blogswarm

Blogswarms can happen around many different kinds of things. For example, there may be a big industry change, such as a shift in automotive manufacturing. Industry bloggers, and even others outside the industry, might jump on in and start reporting on it in blogs. Sometimes, blogswarms happen around controversial political events, such as a prominent murder trial, or political turmoil in a certain country. Some bloggers promote blogswarms as events for self-expression, and the word has begun to make its way into the modern lexicon as a way to talk about how common interests manifest themselves online.


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