What Does Cybrarian Mean?

A cybrarian is a librarian or research person who uses the Internet as a resource. One way to think about what a “cybrarian” is involves thinking about the next generation of librarians trying to integrate a whole host of digital technologies into a system that used to be nearly entirely on paper. Cybrarians can be associated with terms like digital exploration, content migration, e-learning and library modernization.


Techopedia Explains Cybrarian

A cybrarian can introduce the Internet into library systems in all sorts of different ways. These may include setting up digital portals for database research. A cybrarian could use online resources to set up a virtual reference desk, host virtual exhibits or publicize library events. A cybrarian could work in social media platforms to send out surveys or interact with library customers. A cybrarian could use resources like massive open online courses (MOOCs) or e-book lending programs to enhance the resources available to learners. All of this involves modernizing library systems to take advantage of the vast resources that digital media has to offer.


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