Dead Body Spam

What Does Dead Body Spam Mean?

Dead body spam refers to a coding technique used by spammers to spell out messages in video games with the avatars of dead game characters.


A spammer plots and embeds a name or URL adjacent to the dead characters to redirect gamers to related product websites. The dead body spam technique allows spammers to hack game code and direct games toward spam messages with the simple click of a link.

Dead body spam is also known as corpse graffiti.

Techopedia Explains Dead Body Spam

Most dead body spam instances involve dead characters molded into an alphanumeric shape that forms a link that redirects gamers to related products and services, such as gold, supplies or health. This is a unique kind of spam where a spammer generates, positions and controls Level 1 game characters. Dead body spam moves characters perfectly, so that when they die, they spell out the URLs of gold seller sites meant for the game.

The dead body spam term was coined from its original usage in “World of Warcraft”, a popular online game in which spammers use a hack that causes characters jump way above the ground; the fall from the jump kills them. As they die, letters form next to them to display URLs of “World of Warcraft” gold seller sites.


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