Digital Detox

What Does Digital Detox Mean?

A digital detox refers to a state when an individual quits or suspends use of digital equipment and devices to utilize that time for social interactions and activities. It is a technique that enables an individual to relieve stress and anxiety incurred from being over occupied by a high utilization of digital devices.


Techopedia Explains Digital Detox

A digital detox is the time period when an individual refrains from using any digital or electronic device. These devices generally include portable handheld devices such as smart-phones and tablets as well as computers, laptops and even televisions.

A digital detox is primarily done to avoid being addicted or obsessed with digital devices and mentally relaxed by taking some time to enjoy the physical or real world. This enables maintaining a healthy balance between normal life and the time a person spends using such electronic devices.

Digital Detox is also the name of a company serving a similar cause. They require each individual to surrender their mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets when they enter the facility and engage in other healthy activities such as yoga and cooking.


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