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Facebook Event

What Does Facebook Event Mean?

A Facebook event is a feature that allows Facebook users or page operators to create a calendar-based invitation to an event. A Facebook event can be sent to a select group of people and will include information about the event, the time and date of the event and even images related to the event.


A Facebook event provides a simple, hands-off way for Facebook users to send invitations to their friends. Because of the interactive nature of Facebook, a Facebook event can also help create commenting and buzz about a particular event.

Techopedia Explains Facebook Event

Facebook events allow users to invite a select group of people or their entire list of friends. These invitations can reach thousands of people in minutes. They also include an RSVP feature, allowing invitees to accept or decline the invitation. This information is sent back to the user who is hosting the event. If an invitee accepts an invitation, this appears in that person’s Facebook news feed. The user’s friends can also see the event in their events list under “Friends’ Events.”


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