Facebook Insights

What Does Facebook Insights Mean?

Facebook Insights is an analytics tool provided to Facebook page owners or platform administrators. Facebook Insights generates metrics that allow administrators to analyze trends about the activity on a given page. This includes information about page users’ (fans’) growth and demographics, and their consumption of provided content. The information is gathered on a daily basis and is designed to help page operators better understand their users, allowing them to better manage their content to appeal to the target audience.


Techopedia Explains Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides data on a number of areas. These include:

  • User Activity: Information on the page views and tab views that occur on a Facebook page. Information about external referrers to the page and users’ consumption of content (such as links and video) is also provided.
  • Interactions: Data on how a page’s users comment, share or like content on a given Facebook page. This includes information on daily page activity, views and user feedback.

Facebook Insights data is available through the Insights Dashboard, which may only be accessed by page administrators, application owners and domain administrators.


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