Facebook Mobile

What Does Facebook Mobile Mean?

Facebook Mobile is a feature that allows users to access Facebook through their mobile phones without using an app. Any user with Internet access on their cellphone can access Facebook Mobile through http://m.facebook.com. The mobile website features almost all the functions available to users through a regular browser and can be accessed free of charge.


Facebook and other social networking websites have increasingly moved toward improving their functionality on mobile devices as the market shifts toward smartphones with high-resolution screens and higher processing power.

Facebook Mobile is also known as Facebook Mobile Web.

Techopedia Explains Facebook Mobile

In May 2010, Facebook launched Facebook Zero, allowing users to access Facebook via a mobile device without accumulated data fees on more than 50 service providers worldwide.The ability to access Facebook without downloading an app is another important innovation for Facebook users. Users can make status updates, comments, send messages and post images and links via Facebook Mobile.Users can also add mobile numbers for Facebook friends to their Facebook. Chat is one feature that is not enabled in Facebook’s mobile version.

A mobile version is necessary because many cellphone browsers are not able to display the full Facebook page as accessed through a browser.


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