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What Does Facebook Page Mean?

A Facebook page is a public profile created by businesses, organizations, celebrities and anyone seeking to promote themselves publicly through social media. Facebook pages work much like personal profile pages, except that they have “fans” instead of “friends.” These pages are publicly visible online and often post status updates, links, events, photos and videos to their fans’ news feeds and walls.


Facebook pages provide a way for businesses and other organizations to interact with – rather than just advertise to – potential customers. They also provides a simple hub of information about the page’s owner.

Techopedia Explains Facebook Page

Facebook pages grew out of Facebook groups, which were increasingly being used by companies and organizations, but were also cluttered by a lot of general interest groups. Unlike page, Facebook groups don’t support Facebook Markup Language or Facebook apps, so pages provides much more functionality.

A Facebook page may incorporate the following:

  • Company/organization overview
  • Contact info
  • Press releases
  • RSS feeds
  • Twitter updates
  • Company news and status updates
  • Customer comments/interaction

Facebook pages can also be highly customized to dispaly corporate logos and promotional products. Depending on the business, a Facebook page may be used to alert fans about upcoming promotions or deals, or query consumers about their preferences. Apps can also be added to increase a Facebook page’s functionality, allowing it to connect to an RSS feed or relevant YouTube videos. These functions allow a Facebook page to act as an integrated marketing platform.


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