What Does Hakspeak Mean?

Hakspeak is a type of alternative text representation for certain words or characters. It involves substituting numbers or symbols for letters of the English or western alphabet. Other hakspeak systems may also exist for other world languages and alphabets.


Based on the term hacker, hakspeak has evolved into a kind of common code used to transmit messages in secret ways geared toward confusing those who are not knowledgeable about the hakspeak system.

Hakspeak is also known as leetspeak, leet speak and leetspeek.

Techopedia Explains Hakspeak

Hakspeak is generally considered to be another form of digital slang or jargon. Like Internet slang or chat speak, hakspeak simply involves using alternate sets of characters to code or represent ideas in different ways over digital communications media, like email, instant messaging (IM) or chat platforms. However, hakspeak also is used within communities of hackers or tax savvy users.

In some cases, hackers or spammers effectively use hakspeak to encode some text in ways that evade monitoring systems or filters. This is why some parties use hakspeak to circumvent legitimate email filtering or other processes seeking to provide quality or shield users from harm.


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