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What Does Pop-Up Ad Mean?

Pop-up ads are a form of online advertising focused on attracting Web traffic. They are usually generated in a new browser window with the help of JavaScript or Adobe Flash. Although these ads are one of the most popular online advertising techniques, they are not popular with average Web surfers, and several products and techniques are available to disable them.


Pop-up ads are also known as pop-ups.

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There is no standard size or shape of the window for pop-up ads. Pop-up ads often appear to be standalone websites, sponsored webpages, interactive games or some other from that is likely to get people to interact. One of the features of pop-up ads is that visitors need to close them before proceeding, and this ensures that the message in the pop-up ad is viewed. A pop-up window can also contain a game, audio or video to entice users.

In online advertising, pop-up ads are highly visible and more effective than banner ads. They are versatile and can accommodate most types of advertisements. For advertisers, this remains one of the more popular methods to reach out to online consumers, as the click-through rates are higher than other forms of advertising. In other words, the return on investment for pop-up ads is high. When used properly with the webpage, it can lead to better branding, as they have potential to leave a lasting impact with viewers.

Pop-ads often annoy users, as they typically clutter the desktop and require time and effort to close the ad window. Many view these ads as annoyances and as obtrusive, as they cover other windows and become the active window. For advertisers, the cost of pop-up ads is usually high compared to other types.

The pop-under advertisement is a variation of the pop-up ad, where the advertisement appears under the active screen, rather than on top of it.


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