Tweak Freak

What Does Tweak Freak Mean?

A tweak freak is someone who modifies hardware and/or software to enhance performance beyond normal and acceptable standards. Tweak freaks are obsessed with uncovering the root of all technical problems, regardless of their relevance. However, many tweak freaks engage in tweaking as entertainment, as a learning experience or to satisfy a high interest level.


Tweak freak is also the name of a program designed as an enhancement tool with options to control Mac OS X.

Techopedia Explains Tweak Freak

Tweaking can cause instability in an operating system or software application and increase a computer’s vulnerability to malware. Similarly, excessively downloading tweak software and patches may cause programming conflicts and system crashes. There may also be legal considerations to tweaking, as some applications or OS programs restrict or prohibit source code tweaking.


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