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What Does Opt-In Email Mean?

Opt-in email is bulk email that a consumer can choose to receive. It is a form of requested email based on consumer needs, hobbies or other special interests. Opt-in emails can be delivered through a website the consumer visits to shop for merchandise. The site may contain the option to receive future sales or product information. In this instance, the consumer provides their address to the website and requests emails about the specified content. In other words, they opt-in for the emails.


These types of emails contain information tailored to the recipient’s requests. They may be sent in the form of advertisements or newsletters.

Opt-in email is also known as an opt-in mailing list.

Techopedia Explains Opt-In Email

Opt-in email can be sent to many people at the same time in bulk. There are two types of opt-in e-mails: unconfirmed and confirmed. In the former instance the consumer newly subscribes to a website, and then its updates. However, the email address is not confirmed as the consumer’s email address. Due to typing errors, the opt-in email may be sent to a similar, but incorrect, email address.

With a confirmed opt-in email, the new subscriber’s email address is verified after they indicate desire to receive newsletters or other information. The confirming email requests that the user verify their address through outlined instructions. Once they confirm, they may start receiving the opt-in emails.

Spammers sometimes send opt-in emails. Within the email the fine print indicates that unless you opt out, you are opting in. Thus, by default, you continue to receive these emails unless you unsubscribe. This can be bothersome. It may overload email inboxes. Moreover, consumers may even unknowingly acquire viruses by downloading email attachments.


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