Personalized Marketing

What Does Personalized Marketing Mean?

In personalized marketing, hardware systems and IT setups try to create a unique product offering for an individual customer. Many consider personalized marketing to be a form of database marketing, but other strategies can also apply.


Personalized marketing is also known as one-to-one marketing.

Techopedia Explains Personalized Marketing

Types of personalized marketing include Internet marketing and direct mail marketing, as well as the personalization of point-of-sale interactions.

In personalized marketing, the essential goal is to craft a different appeal to each specific customer or member of a target audience. One easy example is a setup that queries a database to get specific customer identifiers like name, location, age, gender and family status. The system can then craft a message based on these factors to reach out to that specific person, rather than just offering a generic marketing resource.

Some expect that over time, personalized marketing will evolve as new technologies come onto the scene. Some of the more extreme forms of performance personalized marketing involve holographic images that ‘talk’ to specific customers as if they know them, again, based on aggregated information about that person. There is a common opinion that personalized marketing of the future will involve fully animated avatars who will talk to people based on rich data mining inputs, in order to facilitate the sales process.


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