Financial Products Markup Language

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What Does Financial Products Markup Language Mean?

Financial Product Markup Language (FPML or FpML) is a
standard based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML) that is specifically geared
toward the handling of over-the-counter financial derivatives. This freely
licensed standard allows companies to consistently communicate regarding
interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements and other aspects of derivative


Techopedia Explains Financial Products Markup Language

Experts explain that Financial Product Markup Language
enables system-to-system communication and business-to-business transactional
knowledge. Financial Product Markup Language helps route the same data between
different types of applications, and helps make derivatives trading clearer.
There is the intent to support risk analysis and other aspects of derivatives
trading. This type of specific purpose-driven software is based on a greater
idea of eXtensible Markup Language, that objects and items can be fully
described using this type of code in order to set up sophisticated models or
virtual operations.


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