Integration Server

What Does Integration Server Mean?

An integration server is a type of server that enables the integration and interaction of different operating systems, application and services within an enterprise IT environment. It enables applications and services to communicate with each other, regardless of their underlying platform. It eliminates compatibility and interoperability issues between different platforms.


Techopedia Explains Integration Server

An integration server is primarily implemented in IT environments that are composed of IT products and solutions from different platforms and/or architectures. It also serves as a middleware server, serving as an intermediate server between different layers.

An integration server is typically deployed in two different models.

  1. Hub and spoke model: In this model, all applications and services connect to an integration server through a central server. The integration server provides and manages the interoperations, integration, translation and other services between distinct applications and services.

  2. Network-centric bus model: In this model, applications and services connect to the integration server through the core network medium. The integration server communicates and provides interoperability between applications and services over the network.


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