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Web Mapping

What Does Web Mapping Mean?

Web mapping is the technique of utilizing maps that are obtained by an information system for spatial and geographical data. Web mapping is far beyond its literal meaning and it is seen from both the service and consumer point of view. Maps available on the World Wide Web serve various purposes depending upon the type of user being served; interactive Web mapping software can manipulate the online maps on the users’ end.


Web mapping is also known as online mapping.

Techopedia Explains Web Mapping

Web mapping usually involves a Web browser on the client’s end or any other program that makes the interaction possible. Web mapping is still evolving,and its usability, service benefits, quality and innovation challenges are still developing. Global information systems (GIS) play a significant role in the service of Web mapping; ensuring the investigative competences of Web mapping by the user. This is the reason that GIS and Web mapping are often used interchangeably by experts. GIS allows the Web mapping service to be more user friendly by helping in data acquisition, data storage and software architecture.


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