Non-Virtual Hosting

What Does Non-Virtual Hosting Mean?

Non-virtual hosting is a type of Web hosting in which a website is hosted on the same domain as its service provider. It enables the deployment and hosting of a website on the provider’s subdomain or subdirectory address. Non-virtual hosting provides inexpensive or free Web hosting for customers that do not require a top-level domain (TLD) name.


Techopedia Explains Non-Virtual Hosting

Non-virtual hosting works when a provider allows an individual or business lease a portion of a Web server in order to upload its website. The user/customer has the option to create any domain name, which is a subdomain of the primary, or top-level, domain name.

Non-virtual hosting has native website development and design tools that help customers build a website quickly. For example, Google Sites, a proprietary Google product, allows anyone with a Google account to quickly create small websites and/or wikis on Google’s hosting platform and domain. A website with a name "Technology" may be accessed through the following URL:

The downside is that websites that are hosted in this manner are subject to ads or limited functionality, as the provider leases the space for free or for a very low rate.


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