Storage Service Provider

What Does Storage Service Provider Mean?

A storage service provider (SSP) is a type of service provider that builds, operates, manages and delivers a comprehensive storage infrastructure to store third party data. A SSP may be further classified as an online storage service provider, virtual storage service provider or cloud storage service provider.


Techopedia Explains Storage Service Provider

SSPs host specialized storage resources available for total access over the Internet through a website, network application and/or application programming interface (API)-based access. Generally, a SSP has a facility that consists of a very large storage infrastructure or storage area network (SAN) that is logically assigned and distributed across one or more end users or enterprise. Each user is assigned a specific or desired storage capacity that may be scaled, depending on requirements. A SSP provided storage capacity may be used for various consumer or business needs, such as data backup, data recovery, sharing and collaboration, as well as with other applications.


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