Real-Time Collaboration

What Does Real-Time Collaboration Mean?

Real-time collaboration is a term used for software or technologies that allow multiple users to work together on a project in real time, or simultaneously. Challenges related to real-time collaboration involve making files commonly available to multiple users in different locations, and allowing these users to communicate without signal delays.


Techopedia Explains Real-Time Collaboration

Different real-time collaboration tools have their own sets of features for accommodating this kind of group interaction. Some of these involve instant messaging or other real-time communications tools, while others involve file sharing so that multiple users can see files at the same time. Some of these resources even offer collaborative real-time editing, where files can be amended or altered jointly in real-time.

Those who are looking at real-time collaboration technologies can also think about factors such as file storage. Some new and innovative products use the cloud as a file storage medium in order to make collaboration more efficient. Alternately, real-time collaboration resources can facilitate shared access to a client’s server or other hardware storage medium.


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