Storage Security

What Does Storage Security Mean?

Storage security is the collective processes, tools and technologies that ensure that only authorized and legitimate users store, access and use storage resources. It enables better security of any storage resource through the implementation of required technologies and policies on storage access and consumption and the denial of access to all unidentified and potentially malicious users.


Techopedia Explains Storage Security

Storage security is a broad term that encompasses the implementation and management of security across all layers of a storage environment. This includes storage hardware, software, networks and/or the physical security of storage resources. Typically, storage security primarily deals with implementation at the software or logical layer. This is achieved through several techniques such as encrypting/encoding data at rest and in motion, firewalling storage servers and implementing enterprise-wide identity and access management (IAM). Besides individuals, storage security also encompasses the management and protection of storage resources from unverified applications and services.


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