Unified Messaging System (UMS)

What Does Unified Messaging System (UMS) Mean?

A unified messaging system (UMS) is an IT business solution that integrates and delivers a suite of messaging services through a single platform. A unified messaging system combines email, SMS, fax, instant messaging and other related messaging processes together.

A unified messaging system may also be called an integrated messaging system.

Techopedia Explains Unified Messaging System (UMS)

A unified messaging system allows end users to access several messaging applications through a single interface. UMS is generally a comprehensive software solution that is hosted and delivered through an enterprise-class server along with network connectivity and supporting devices. UMS fetches, stores and delivers messages from all the configured services, which the user can access from various computing interfaces such as a computer or smartphone.

A unified messaging system is often confused with a unified communication system (UCS), but while the former only manages non-real-time messaging, the latter is for real-time communication and messaging process.


Integrated Messaging System

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