Clickstream Analysis

What Does Clickstream Analysis Mean?

Clickstream analysis is the process of looking at clickstream data for market research or other purposes. A clickstream is a rendering of user activity on a website, namely, where a user clicks on a computer display screen and how that movement translates to other Web activity.


Clickstream analysis is also known as clickpath analysis.

Techopedia Explains Clickstream Analysis

When used with appropriate tools and data sets, clickstream analysis is a key component of e-commerce market research and can be used to track employee productivity and other kinds of user activity. It is often implemented in the context of a broader market research strategy, such as the analysis of overall Web traffic and visitor data, as well as with other types of data sets used in conjunction with clickstream data.

In terms of methodology, businesses can use various analytics programs to conduct clickstream analysis. Google Analytics offers this kind of feature, and a number of vendors offer standalone programs that provide different kinds of clickstream analysis. Again, many of these have specific features that promote more detailed types of website monitoring in order to get a better picture of a site’s user activity.


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