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What Does Cyborg Mean?

A cybernetic organism or “cyborg” in IT is defined as an organism with both
biological and technological components. In some definitions, a cyborg is
described as a hypothetical or fictional creation. However, in a technical
sense, humans can be seen as cyborgs in various types of situations, including
the use of artificial implants.


Techopedia Explains Cyborg

Part of the diverse use of the word “cyborg” revolves around how humans see their interactions with technology. A person could be considered a cyborg when they are outfitted with implants such as artificial heart valves, cochlear implants or insulin pumps. A person could even be called a cyborg when they are
using specific wearable technologies like Google Glass, or even using laptops or
mobile devices to do work.

However, a different definition of a cyborg involves fictional pictures of human individuals with enhanced virtual-reality vision, robotic implants on limbs and torso, and other more significant body IT components. The popular definition of cyborg changes as a range of science-fiction-type ideas become realities.


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Margaret Rouse
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Margaret Rouse
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