iPhone 3G

What Does iPhone 3G Mean?

An iPhone 3G is the second generation of iPhone by Apple. This phone combines several devices into one: a digital camera (with no support for video recording), a tablet PC, an iPod, and a cell phone.


The battery is sealed into the phone’s body and all applications are vetted by Apple and may only be installed through the company’s proprietary App Store. Apple has discontinued software updates for the iPhone 3G; the iOS 4.2.1, released in November 2010, is the last version of the iOS designed to support the iPhone 3G. The iOS 4.3, released in March 2011, is not compatible with the iPhone 3G.

This term is also known as the iPhone 3.

Techopedia Explains iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G provides better transmission for many radio receivers than the first generation iPhone. It was available in two models, 8 GB and 16 GB. It was first introduced in June 2008 in 22 countries and was succeeded by the iPhone 3GS, which came out in June 2010. The iPhone 3G uses Apple’s iOS, which was updated to iOS 4.0 in 2010. The iPhone 3G hit the market with a pre-installed iPhone OS 2.0, which paved the way for the introduction of the App Store, push-email support, MobileMe service and Microsoft Exchange Server’s (MXS) ActiveSync support, in conjunction with other additional features and bug fixes.

iPhone 3G includes a 3.6 inch touchscreen with 320×480 (HVGA) resolution at 163 ppi and comes with a scratch-proof glass display cover. The capacitive touch screen is built to enable multi-touch sensing. The phone also features a 128 MB eDRAM, Samsung 32-bit RISC ARM11 620 MHz processor, and a PowerVR MBX Lite 3D graphics processing unit.

The iPhone 3G connects to the Internet using 3G mobile broadband technologies or Wi-Fi. It features GPS technology, but does not support Flash, Java, or multimedia message service. Although it features Bluetooth built-in capability for wireless earpieces, it does not support stereo audio, laptop tethering, or FTP. IPhone 3G users cannot use software that is not distributed via Apple’s App Store.


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