What Does Minisite Mean?

A minisite is a particular kind of website that has a smaller footprint on the Internet and that exists for the specific purpose of marketing an individual product or service, or for achieving a particular goal using a small number of customized Web pages.


A minisite may also be called a “microsite” or a “sitelet.”

Techopedia Explains Minisite

A typical minisite can be as simple as one page. Many minisites feature flash animations, interesting visual arrangements, large and complex logos, and/or high-resolution images that one may not find on larger sites that provide accessibility of information.

The idea behind a minisite is that, because its purpose is so defined, it does not need a lot of pages to achieve its goals. By contrast, on a larger “corporate” website, many pages such as an “About Us” page, a “Contact Us” page, product and service information pages, and related pages can be presented in a formal, unified format. The purpose of a minisite is often to allow for a much more vibrant presentation on a smaller part of a website. One way to think of this is as a visual presentation within a website, a “mini-destination” where visitors get a different experience, which is aimed at the marketing of a particular item.


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