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Web Server Security

What Does Web Server Security Mean?

Web server security refers to the tools, technologies and processes that enable information security (IS) on a Web server. This broad term encompasses all processes that ensure that a working Internet server operates under a security policy.


Techopedia Explains Web Server Security

Web server security is the security of any server that is deployed on a Worldwide Web domain or the Internet. It is implemented through several methods and in layers, typically, including the base operating system (OS) security layer, hosted application security layer and network security layer. OS security, which ensures access to authorized users only, operates a Web server’s critical components and services. Application layer security ensures control over the content and services hosted on the Web server. Network security provides protection against Internet-based security exploits, viruses and attacks.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, HTTP Secure protocol and firewalling are several tools and technologies used to implement Web server security.


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