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What Does Fedora Mean?

Fedora is an open-source operating system built over the Linux OS kernel architecture and developed by a group of developers and contributors under the Fedora Project.


Fedora is a free to use, customize and distribute. The operating system is integrated with packaged software and applications to provide enhanced abilities and functions.

Techopedia Explains Fedora

Fedora OS provides the same functionality, processes and usability as a typical operating system, and includes a suite of collaboration tools, office productivity applications, media playback, virus protection and other desktop application and services.

Fedora is generally released and updated every six months and provides only one month of support for the previous version, where each new release is built on top of the kernel or OS framework. Fedora-based variants are further published under different names and are commonly known as Fedora Spins. They include operating system such as Red Hat Linux enterprise edition, CentOS and XO.


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