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IEEE 802.11h

What Does IEEE 802.11h Mean?

IEEE 802.11h is an IEEE 802.11 amendment that specifies wireless local area network (WLAN) extensions. It addresses network spectrum interference issues and allows wireless IEEE 802.11 devices to work with other wireless technologies.


IEEE 802.11h is also known as IEEE 802.11h-2003.

Techopedia Explains IEEE 802.11h

Key IEEE 802.11h features are as follows:

  • Increases IEEE 802.11a overlapping channels from 12 to 23
  • Enforces dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and transmit power control (TPC) mechanisms to meet European regulations
  • Provides wireless access point (WAP) capabilities to reduce electromagnetic interference between radar and satellite signals existing in a 5 GHz frequency band

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