Boot Camp

What Does Boot Camp Mean?

Boot Camp is multi-boot utility software that allows Apple Macintosh computers to have dual operating systems in the form of Windows and Mac OS. Introduced in 2006 for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Boot Camp had limitations in terms of supporting different versions of Windows; however, it has been steadily adding support for more versions.


Techopedia Explains Boot Camp

Because some software and hardware is only supported by Windows, Boot
Camp gives Mac users a convenient option without the need for a separate
computer. Since its introduction, Boot Camp has come to be supported by multiple versions of Mac OS and Windows OS. However, as new versions of Windows OS have been launched, Boot Camp support for older versions of Windows has ceased.

The principal features of Boot Camp are:

  • Non-destructively partitioning the Mac computer’s hard disk drive and installing Windows device drivers for the Apple hardware
  • Allowing users select the required operating system to boot into

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