Macbook Air

What Does Macbook Air Mean?

The Macbook Air is a personal computer from Apple that represents a "notebook" design for laptop computers. Notebooks are typically small and lightweight, but still have a lot of speed and features. At the time of its original introduction to the market in 2008, the Macbook Air was the lightest, thinnest PC of its kind.


Techopedia Explains Macbook Air

The portability of the Macbook Air has been a large part of its appeal through several product updates. As of 2012, options include 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch sizes. The Macbook Air, which is less than an inch thick, uses a kind of solid-state element called flash chips to accommodate its broad capability in an ultra-thin design.

Along with being small and portable, the Macbook Air also appeals to users for other reasons. Fast CPUs and dual-core processors add to the limber implementation possible with this personal computer. Other features like a backlit keyboard enhance the user experience. New technology in the Macbook Air now allows the computer to sense ambient lighting and can adjust keyboard lighting accordingly.


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