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What Does C3D Mean?

C3D is a 3-D graphics technique that can build 3-D graphics out of 2-D images. The technique uses two images and builds a 3-D scene using stereoptic functions similar to that of the human eye. It has applications in engineering, medicine and law enforcement applications. The model can be rendered on standard PC hardware.


Techopedia Explains C3D

C3D can build 3-D scenes out of a pair of 2-D images. These images are similar to stereoscopic visuals. C3D software looks at the images and uses spatial information to generate a 3-D scene. This scene can then be viewed from any angle and can be used in virtual reality, including VRML.

The technique takes advantage of the increasing power of modern PCs for rendering. Applications include analyzing tire prints, looking at medical images, generating 3-D police mugshots and virtual studios for TV production.


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