Forensic Animation

What Does Forensic Animation Mean?

Forensic animation refers to the recreation of crime scenes and scenarios using 3-D graphic tools to help investigators and police in solving crimes. Animation is done by experts using high tech software and actual images of crime scenes from various dimensions. Animators are chosen based on who can produce the best and most appropriate animation work.


Techopedia Explains Forensic Animation

Forensic animation is a widely used and successful method of solving crimes such as robbery, murder and accidents. It uses full-motion computer graphics to re-create events using the same scene and scenario as the actual events. It includes creation of 3-D terrains, CG environment modeling with the help of advanced techniques such as lighting effects, photo matching, adding animated characters, photo rendering, introducing various dimensions, photogrammetry and video tracking. All of the animation and rendition of events is carefully done after collaborating with eyewitnesses, police officials, forensic experts and investigators.


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