Run of Channel

What Does Run of Channel Mean?

In the marketing world, “run of channel” (ROC) refers to an ad component that gets displayed on multiple digital channels. Some of the most prominent definitions of run of channel talk about various channels of a company's website – and others talk about external channels, including social media and others. Run of channel simply means that there is a strategic effort to display the same ad component in multiple places.


Techopedia Explains Run of Channel

The definition of “channel” in digital advertising can be confusing when it is time to talk about run of channel. As mentioned above, marketers who are talking about run of channel may be referring to different in-site channels such as pay-per-click structure, SEO web copy, and other areas of the website elements.

Then there are also those extra channels that are so often talked about in digital marketing. Email is an example of an external channel – if the same ad is combined in an email and in an internal website, that ad is effectively being broadcast in a multichannel fashion. YouTube and various social media venues are other examples of external channels – they are not on the website, but on other areas of the internet, but are often a part of what people describe as a run of channel effort.


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