Run of Site

What Does Run of Site Mean?

A run of site (ROS) campaign is a campaign where ads can
be placed on any area of a given website. These broader campaigns represent a
choice based on lower cost and more marginal visibility, rather than more
specialized campaigns where an ad has to be placed in a specific area of the


Techopedia Explains Run of Site

In run of site campaigns, the advertisers have less say in
where an ad goes. For example, instead of promising a prominent banner ad on
the right side of the page, the site host can put an ad at the bottom of a
page, or on a separate page altogether. Run of site campaigns are less targeted
and more general, but can be a lot cheaper to buy. Marketers may talk about run
of site campaigns in the context of domain hosting, PPC and SEO management, and
other online marketing services.


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