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Run of Site (ROS)

What Does Run of Site (ROS) Mean?

A run of site (ROS) campaign is a campaign where ads can be placed on any area of a given website. These broader campaigns represent a choice based on lower cost and more marginal visibility, rather than more specialized campaigns where an ad has to be placed in a specific area of the page.


Techopedia Explains Run of Site (ROS)

In run of site campaigns, the advertisers have less say in where an ad goes. For example, instead of promising a prominent banner ad on the right side of the page, the site host can put an ad at the bottom of a page, or on a separate page altogether. Run of site campaigns are less targeted and more general, but can be a lot cheaper to buy. Marketers may talk about run of site campaigns in the context of domain hosting, PPC and SEO management, and other online marketing services.


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