What Does NanoManipulator Mean?

A nanoManipulator is a specialized microscopic and nanorobotic viewing system that helps scientists and researchers working on extremely small scale objects. The name nanoManipulator is a patent trademark of 3rd Tech Inc. The system was initially designed for microscopic manipulation by computer integration manufacturers.


Techopedia Explains NanoManipulator

A nanoManipulator system consists of a large microscopic probe, called the scanned-probe microscope (SPM) that can enlarge the image up to 1,000,000 times the size of original object. A computer interface which displays the image of the enlarged surface to be manipulated, plays the role of a display device, which gives the experience that user is actually working on a large 3-D replica of the small object. The physical manipulator is the actual manipulating device controlled by the user. This device allows the users to perform operations, motions and manipulations on the nanoscale object under examination. It is possible for the nanoManipulator to be used by multiple users at the same time in remote locations.


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