Certified Wireless Networking Professional

What Does Certified Wireless Networking Professional Mean?

A Certified Wireless Networking Professional (CWNP) is a series of vendor-neutral certifications offered for individuals working on wireless networking processes and technologies.
It is a program aimed at training, evaluating, testing and certifying an individual’s ability in multiple wireless networking job roles and domains.


CWNP was launched by Planet3Wireless in 1999.

Techopedia Explains Certified Wireless Networking Professional

CWNP is an entry-to-expert-level certification program for individuals considering a career in wireless networking. The program is divided into four certification levels:

  1. Entry Level: Includes only one certification, Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS).
  2. Administrator Level: For wireless networking administrators, this includes one certification, Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA).
  3. Professional Level: Designed for professionals in three different domains of wireless networking and includes three certifications: Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP), Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) and Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP).
  4. Expert Level: The most prestigious level, it is for wireless networking masters/gurus. It includes one certification, Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE).

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