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Disruption-Tolerant Network (DTN)

Last updated: June 12, 2012

What Does Disruption-Tolerant Network (DTN) Mean?

A disruption-tolerant network (DTN) is a network architecture that reduces intermittent communication issues by addressing technical problems in heterogeneous networks that lack continuous connectivity. DTN defines a series of contiguous network data bundles that enable applications. This architecture serves as a network overlay that bases new naming on endpoint identifiers.


Techopedia Explains Disruption-Tolerant Network (DTN)

DTN uses a shared framework algorithm that temporarily connects data communication devices. DTN services are similar to email, but DTN includes enhanced routing, naming and security capabilities.

Effective DTN design depends on the following features:

  • Fault-tolerant methods and technologies
  • Electronic attack recovery
  • Degradation quality from heavy traffic loads
  • Minimal latency due to unreliable routers

DTN nodes enhance network path selection via a naming syntax that supports a broad range of addressing conventions for improved interoperability. These nodes use network storage to manage, store, and forward operations over multiple paths and longer periods. Security also protects the infrastructure from unauthorized use.


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