Blade PC

What Does Blade PC Mean?

A blade PC
is a self-sufficient computer contained within a modular, small circuit which
is located in a data center or server rack-like secure environment. A blade PC contains every component that a
desktop PC or a laptop usually contains: microprocessor, hard drive, memory
chips, network card and video card, and is also able to perform the tasks of a
server. Blade PCs cater to thin clients or computing devices with limited features
at the user’s workstation or location.


A blade PC is also known as a PC blade.

Techopedia Explains Blade PC

A blade PC looks like a blade, and although it
is a small, thin device, it contains a wide array of features.
It is similar in concept to a blade server except that while a blade server
caters to many thin clients, a blade PC caters to only one client at a time. A blade PC is
connected with its thin client which contains a display unit or device, mouse or
a keyboard through a cable. Blade PCs have limited capabilities in
graphics and multimedia because the audio and video are not synchronized.The main advantages of a blade PC are
enhanced data security, lower total cost of ownership and higher tolerance for
disasters and other serious issues.


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