Skyscraper Ad

What Does Skyscraper Ad Mean?

A skyscraper ad is a particular kind of digital advertisement with specific size parameters, which is used as part of the overall visual marketing on a Web page or website. This kind of ad can be created in many different ways, and it is distinguished by its size and shape as it is seen online, either on a conventional screen or via a mobile device, on a site with a responsive design.


Techopedia Explains Skyscraper Ad

In some ways, the skyscraper ad is the opposite of a banner ad, which is considerably wider than it is tall and often reaches across the entire rendered Web page. By contrast, a skyscraper ad is tall and thin, often viewed by a user scrolling up and down, and sits on the left or right side of other Web page elements. Skyscraper ads are typically composed in two conventional sizes: 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, or 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

The use of skyscraper ads online revolves around careful market research about user psychology and how these particular types of ads catch the eye. In some ways, the follow-through process is similar to banner ads, where a click takes users to a proprietary page where marketers can continue a concerted effort.


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