Female Connector

What Does Female Connector Mean?

A female connector is a type of connector that consists of a jack into which a male connector can be inserted. It is usually present at the end of a cable or other hardware such that a secure physical and electrical connection between two or more devices is made possible. A male connector can be converted into a female connector and vice versa by a tool called a gender changer.


Techopedia Explains Female Connector

A female connector is a connector used for electrical, physical or data transfer. A female connector has one or more holes into which a male connector can attach its exposed plug-type conductor firmly for a reliable connection. Female connectors are recognized by their physical characteristics. When the male connector has been removed, a female connector’s conductor is not exposed like that of a male connector, and can not come into accidental contact with objects.

Some of the most commonly found examples of female connectors are standard electrical outlets as well as phone and Ethernet jacks.


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