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Liquid-Tight Strain-Relief Connector

What Does Liquid-Tight Strain-Relief Connector Mean?

A liquid-tight strain-relief connector is a special type of electrical connector used in electrical and computer components where moisture and dust are concerns. The material used in these connector jackets is usually rubber or other synthetic material to give tensile strain as well as flexibility to the connection.


Techopedia Explains Liquid-Tight Strain-Relief Connector

Electrical cables can be adversely affected by water, extreme temperature and dust contamination, which could lead to degraded performance, or failure, of the whole system. Liquid-tight strain-relief connectors are the answer to a number of cabling issues that can cause potential breakdown or system failures. These jacks are inexpensive, durable, lightweight and physically reliable used in cable termination. They are ideal for use outdoors or in industrial environments as they seal against dust, water, oil, temperatures and moisture.


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