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Two-Way Server

What Does Two-Way Server Mean?

A two-way server is a type of server that has multiple native processors installed within it. It is used in enterprise computing environments to provide enhanced performance by utilizing two processors or a processor having multiple cores.


A two-way server may also be termed or is type of multi-processor or multi-core servers, four-way and eight-way server being the other variants.

Techopedia Explains Two-Way Server

A two-way server is created primarily to provide enhanced processing capabilities within a single server chassis. A two-way server has two processor cores, but shares the same motherboard, storage, RAM and other server components. Each task can be performed on a single core/processor or shared between both. A two-way server has multi-cores and processors, but must provide performance capabilities equivalent to the sum of two individual processors. In actuality they provide less than that. This is largely because of shared computing resource architecture.


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