Squeeze Page

What Does Squeeze Page Mean?

A squeeze page is a type of landing page in Web design, where the overall goal is to elicit opt-in information, such as an email address, from users. This type of page is often included in a greater Web design strategy for a site.


Techopedia Explains Squeeze Page

Because the objective is fairly challenging, the design of a squeeze page involves a lot of work. One overall tactic is to starve the page for hyperlinks and options. The squeeze page may have a lot of impressive graphics, but very little content and few or no user options other than the submission of an email or other piece of identifying information. Then, as an attracting incentive, many designers somehow associate the email submission vehicle with some sort of data resource, such as an e-book, white paper or other useful or desirable offer.

The use of squeeze pages also feeds into a greater controversy about Web design. The general idea is that a squeeze page is made to serve the marketer, not the Web user. Industry experts disagree as to the overall behavioral outcomes around adding items like squeeze pages to the site and whether they work effectively or frustrate, annoy and anger users.


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