Trick Banner

What Does Trick Banner Mean?

A trick banner is an online banner ad that is designed to copy the style of an operating system or important software error message in order to trick people into clicking it. Clicking on the trick banner takes the visitor to the advertiser’s website. Advertisers that use trick banners are primarily concerned with increasing the click-through rate (CTR) for their website.


A trick banner is also known as a deceptive banner.

Techopedia Explains Trick Banner

Trick banners are a successful method of online advertisement and generating traffic towards a specific website. Website owners can also earn money by allowing trick banner ads on their websites and hence diverting traffic to another website. Trick banners are discouraged by many mainstream websites because they can compromise the trust of the visitor using that site. Visitors generally dislike any interruption in their web browsing, particularly by dishonest means, and it has been observed that they avoid visiting sites with trick banners in the future.


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