Turnkey Cloud

What Does Turnkey Cloud Mean?

Turnkey cloud is a cloud product, service or solution that can be quickly deployed and used within most IT and/or cloud environments. It is a pre-developed, pre-tested and certified solution of any or a combination of cloud service models that can be instantly provisioned or used.


Techopedia Explains Turnkey Cloud

Turnkey cloud primarily helps businesses quickly migrate or leverage a functionality or service from the cloud. Most of the cloud services are available on a turnkey basis. For example, in cloud storage solutions after service signup, users can instantly start using the storage resources for storing and extracting data. Typically, turnkey cloud does not require any upfront installation and integration at the user’s end and it requires only a stable internet connection and standard browser to be accessed and used.

Cloud in a box is a type of turnkey cloud solution that comes bundled with various cloud solutions. It can be instantly deployed without the need for much technical assistance, configuration or integration.


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