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Network Behavior Analysis

What Does Network Behavior Analysis Mean?

Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a network monitoring program that ensures the security of a proprietary network. NBA helps in enhancing network safety by watching traffic and observing unusual activity and departures of a network operation. Conventional methods of defending a network against harmful data include packet checking, signature recognition and real-time blocking of malicious sites and data.


Techopedia Explains Network Behavior Analysis

Network behavior analysis monitors the inside happenings of an active network by collecting data from many data points and devices to give a detailed offline analysis. It is constantly watching the network, marking known and unknown activities, new and unusual patterns and indicating potential threats by flagging. The program also checks and accounts for change in bandwidth and protocol being used during communication. This is particularly applicable in finding a potentially dangerous data source or website. The duty of a network behavior analysis program is to reduce the labor and time expended by network administrators in detecting and resolving network issues. It is thus an enhancement to protect the network along with firewalls, antivirus software and spyware detection tools.


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