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Virtual Private Network Appliance (VPN appliance)

Last updated: October 27, 2012

What Does Virtual Private Network Appliance (VPN appliance) Mean?

A virtual private network (VPN) appliance is a network device which is equipped with strong security features. It is a router that provides load balancing, firewall protection, authentication, authorization and encryption.

A VPN appliance may also be called a secure socket layer (SSL) VPN appliance.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Private Network Appliance (VPN appliance)

Virtual private network (VPN) appliances use public telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet to provide remote offices with secure access to proprietary data. They offer central management and multi-platform functionality. VPN appliances are also compatible with essential network applications and legacy platforms.

Virtual private network appliances are installed to provide better performance and low-maintenance operation. They are scalable and can provide the features that specific market segments require without additional installations. VPN appliances improve performance and throughput while reducing overall cost.



SSL VPN Appliance, Secure Socket Layer VPN Appliance

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