Voice Logger

What Does Voice Logger Mean?

A voice logger is a hardware or software device which is used to store audio data in a computer’s hard drive or any such removable media. The audio information recorded by the voice logger usually comes from telephones, microphones, radios and other similar sources. Voice loggers are most commonly used by security companies and emergency services such as 911 as well as by private individuals.


Techopedia Explains Voice Logger

First used in the early 1950s, voice loggers have evolved drastically, resulting in a better and more efficient way to keep track of calls and conversation history. Emergency services and businesses such as corporate call centers make the most use of voice loggers, tracking all incoming and outgoing calls for a variety of reasons. Over the years, most of the hardware-type voice loggers have been converted to software and can be installed internally within a phone or device, which has significantly reduced the prices.


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