Network Node Manager

What Does Network Node Manager Mean?

The Network Node Manager (NNM) is a tool that enables a network administrator to monitor and manage a computer network. It is a part of Hawlett-Packard (HP) OpenView collection of enterprise system management applications and can be combined with other network management utilities such as CiscoWorks and others. It is marketed through HP’s Software Division and became a part of it in 2007.


Techopedia Explains Network Node Manager

The Network Node Manager program offers a large-scale network management system for IT organizations and other such infrastructures. It is flexible and supports third-party network management modules within its framework. NNM software tool reports all types of network issues from a single console hence helping the admin to view multiple nodes at the same time. NNM can help network administrator perform the basic functions such as the location and status of a device that is connected to the network, graphical view of the network, failure analysis and recommending actions.


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